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05 September 2009 @ 12:53 am
Samurai 7 -- Katsushiro Okamoto -- Theme's No.9. No.1 snd No.6.  
Title: The changed.
Character: Katsushiro Okamoto.
Fandom: Samurai 7.
Theme: No.9. False Reflection.
Rating: T. For mentions of killing.
Warning (if any): None needed.
Summary/Note: Katsushiro takes a moment to reflect on how he has changed.
Disclaimer: I don't own Samurai 7.

Almost flawlessly, he went through his practice motions. Practicing in a secluded area near the village.

He was lost in his own world as all kinds of thoughts ran through his mind. So much had happened. A lot had changed since he first set off to become a samurai and help those who could not help themselves.On that thought, he stopped mid swing to catch a glimpse of his face in the bright metal of his sword.

It was even obvious to him that he had changed. His green eyes were more firm and held the look of someone who killed.He frowned at that since he had killed and would more then likely kill again to protect the farmers who had done nothing wrong.

It was hard for him to know he had another human beings blood on his hands. Even with Kirara-Dono's words, the blood would always be there and there would more of it so as long as the village needed protection.And even he couldn't fool himself into believing otherwise.

Title: At the end of it all.
Character: Katsushiro Okamoto.
Fandom: Samurai 7.
Theme: No.1. Season's Beginning.
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of violence.
Warning (if any): Possible end series spoilers.
Summary/Note: Katsushiro reflects on his next move after the battle is over.
Disclaimer: Samurai 7 is owned by someone who is not me.

Winter would soon be over as the signs of Spring were readily making themselves known.

He glanced out of the hut window as two of the villagers were walking by carrying some wood to help finish one of the homes.Kanna was steadily making progress to it's completeion after the fierce battle.

One that would not be soon forgotten, if ever. The young samurai knew he would never forget.After all, it was this village and the battle that came with it that he truly became a samurai.

A real one where he had earned the title. He had taken up a cause and battle and saw it through no matter how hard it became. Through late parts of Autumn and continuing through Winter, he decided to take the villagers offer to stay.

And so he had helped them as much as he could be assisting in rebuilding.With Spring on it's way though and most of the village done, he made the decision to leave Kanna.It would be for the best. Since he knew that there would be others that needed help even with things looking up.The villagers were armed with enough combat knowledge to defend themselves from things like petty bandits and any other Nobuseri that might still be left.

Standing up, he headed out to go assist the villagers in reconstruction

Title: Aspirations.
Character: Katsushiro Okamoto.
Fandom: Samurai 7.
Theme: No.6. Of silver and gold.
Rating: PG-13 for mentions of violence.
Warning (if any): Don't need one.
Summary/Note: Katsushiro wonders if he'll ver be as good as Kambei and Kyuuzo.
Disclaimer: Again, I do not own. Akira Toriyama does.XD. I finally remembered the name.

More than once he wondered if he would ever be as skilled as the others were. Especially Kyuuzo-Dono and Kambei-Sama.To him, they were elite.

They fought with the grace and skill of nothing short of the best. As badly as he wanted to prove himself to be a true samurai, he wanted to be one like them. A warrior of grace and skill as well as honor. Not like the various rurouni he had seen not long into his travels.

Just looking to waste their skills for a free meal or a few ryo.And those were just the ones who were decent. With a constant determination, he would keep up his work to hone his skills and protect Kanna-village and it's people.

He knew with his age he couldn't understand what it was like during the great war but they did and he would do his best to learn what he could from them.So one day, he could be at least half the samurai they were.
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