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07 August 2006 @ 09:42 pm
Fic: forever, neatly (Sumeragi Hokuto, #2-nadir) AND SHE'S DONE  
Title: forever, neatly
Character: Sumeragi Hokuto
Fandom: Tokyo Babylon
Theme: #2- nadir
Rating: pg13
Summary/Note: I sort of took the theme and ran with it. XD ooops… It's..err..."Artistic Interpretation". Yeah, let's go with that. AND I'M DONE WITH MY CLAIM! :DD
Disclaimer: Not mine. CLAMP’s.

Hokuto decided to be dirty, because Subaru was pure. She wanted to be his other half, his darkness, his sin, his taint. And she, to her credit, got closer than anyone expected, but she was too much like Subaru to be his perfect foil. She was a resilient girl, and realized that if she could not be his other half, she needed to find someone else.

That was when Sakurazuka Seishirou entered the picture. Hokuto never did forgive herself for bringing him to Subaru, ignoring the horrible feeling he gave her when he watched her brother like a hawk watches a sparrow. She wanted Subaru to need something, to want something, to love something. And they did say that opposites attract. But how wrong she was.

Well, not as wrong as she could have been. Subaru certainly loved Seishirou, but she doubted the feelings were requited after Subaru came home with a broken arm and a deep scar on his soul. She cursed herself, knew she shouldn’t have brought them together, shouldn’t have pushed a relationship, should have been a better ‘other half’’, should have, should have. She couldn’t exist on ‘should haves’ and so she left to try and make right what she made wrong.

Kill me. Kill me instead of him.

He looked at her with brief but honest confusion before readily complying. Her body fell backwards, one hand arching gracefully in the air, and he watched her. Watched her fall, and her eyes just like Subaru’s dim and die. He was no fool, and saw the smile on her face before she went, and agreed with her completely. They had done the right thing there that day. All goals had been met, all desires reached. (Not all, of course, but oh! it sounded so regal.)

For with her death Subaru would forever belong only to the two of them.

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