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26 August 2006 @ 12:13 am
[Red Dwarf][Cat][3]  
Title: Grow not.
Character: The Cat.
Fandom: Red Dwarf.
Theme: 3.
Rating: G
Warning (if any): None.
Summary/Note: Eh. Set during VIII, I think. Exactly 100 words.
Disclaimer: I no own.


Cat could grow up, if he wanted to. He could make himself care about everything else, and work and all that, but why would he want to? Lister’s grown up, but now he hurts inside, and so does Kochanski. Goal-post head grew up, but he was never a role-model, and Ace was someone to admire, not to be like.

It’s easier being shallow, as that way he doesn’t care about the home he’s lost. He is shallow, and he doesn’t care. If he tells himself that over and over, maybe he won’t grow up.

Maybe he won’t care about Lister.