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Solitaire 3

A Writing Themed Community

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Welcome to solitaire3, a multifandom writing themed community in the tradition of 5trueloves.

1. In this community, you claim a character, then choose three out of the twelve available themes and write three fics or drabbles about your chosen character based on the themes. You can claim up to two characters at a time, but please choose different themes for each of them.

2. To claim a character and see the claim list, go here.

3. The length of the fics is up to you - from one-hundred words drabbles to three-chaptered fics.

4. Please make sure you label your fics appropriately - the rating, whether it's work-safe or not, if there's any spoiler, etc.

5. The posting format goes like this:

In the subject: [Series][Character][Theme No.]

In the post:

Warning (if any):

Put your fic behind an LJ cut, or provide us with a link out.

6. If you crosspost your fics, please link back to this community.

7. No bashing, flaming, trolling, or likewise behaviors.

Above all, have fun!


1. season's beginning

2. nadir

3. faux pas

4. rose-tinted glasses

5. lady paramount

6. of silver and gold

7. knights and rooks

8. winter / summer on Saturn

9. false reflection

10. eloquent gloom

11. infinitude

12. last sanctuary

(You can use a bonus theme in exchange for one of the above themes)

13. a lost art

14. sonnet

15. azalea

16. persona

17. herald

2. The opposite of zenith, meaning "the lowest point."
3. A social blunder; literally, false step. More here.
5. In archery, the lady making the best score.
8. Due to the planet's distance from the sun and its own rotation, both winter and summer can last for twenty years. You can use either theme or both of them in your fic.
10. The phrase is taken from "Coming to Life" by Michael Franks. In the song it refers to T.S. Eliot's "The Wasteland."
15. According to this site, the flower means "take care of yourself for me," "fragile passion," and is also a Chinese symbol of womanhood.
16. Literally "mask," usually referring to a social, self-construed mask. More here and here.

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